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Oxford, Bullying Sepoys and Freedom of Speech

  March 19, 2018  ~    32.87 MB
Oxford, Bullying Sepoys and Freedom of Speech




Rajiv Malhotra has been telling the world of the existence of Sepoys in many of the colonized

Academic institutions in India and other countries and many have disputed and rejected this assertion. In this video we provide proof of the power and aggression of sepoys in Europe’s premier institution, Oxford University.

The “Oxford University – Rajiv Malhotra Talk” was cancelled by the Oxford India Society, a student society by the harassment and intimidation of the Student Committee by at least one lecturer and with the tacit approval of other faculty members, who despite seeing intimidation first hand, chose to do nothing.

It’s well known that student societies are politically passionate fora and that dynamic often robust politics is played out but its very uncommon for prejudiced Lecturers to bully students into accepting limits upon freedom of speech and yet this is precisely what occurred at Oxford University 48 hours before Rajivji was scheduled to speak there.

An Indian origin lecturer holding extremely jaundiced and politically prejudiced opinions about Rajiv Malhotra wrote a threatening email to the President of the organizing society in which he directly threatened to destroy the reputation of the student via a global social media campaign, unless he denied Rajivji the opportunity to speak.

In doing so he completely abandoned the responsibility and duty of care that faculty have to ensure that bullying and intimidation does not occur in our educational establishments and he abandoned all regard to the principle of freedom of speech which is at the heart of the University experience, such was his animosity towards Rajiv Malhotra.

You will have seen the Parliamentary video and noted the warm reception afforded to Rajivji by British
Parliamentarians (https://youtu.be/pDvNGAQhSYs) and also seen the Oxford lecture itself
(https://youtu.be/YVlM_a8lmBI) which was attended by many Oxford University students and will have come to your own conclusions but the question remains  – what was contained in these speeches which caused Udit Bhatia to act with such hatred and prejudice?  This video provides proof of the existence of at least one Sepoy as members of the Oxford University faculty, a sepoy being a person who harms his own countrymen for personal benefit.

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